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Glinting windows shining
Through the poisoned air
Clouds pierced by golden beams
But they don't even care

Alluring to the skin
The sticky warm breeze wonders
Stifling silent screams
Our destinations plundered

Like a hobo with an oboe
Nothing likes to stay
Smells bad, looks mad
Trying to play for pay anyway

An ozone dome
Above a lonely home
Empty plant pots littered with stones
Dead men's bones

Abseiling warriors
From their berth on high
All I see is horrors
I only hear them cry

Only almost silver
Antimony furs
Fire proof fashion
So no-one gets burned

Speckled chimneys dancing
Through the perfumed air
Clouds kissed by vapour trails
Sentiments are shared

Alluring to the senses
The hosy water wanders
Stifling the buzzing
Of black and yellow thunder

Like a hornet with a cornet
But nothing got this way
Out of tune, gone too soon,
Brightened up the day

Clear like a stratosphere
Appear far from here
But nearly near enough to see her
Tickle Mother Nature's ear

Frogs, toads, cats and dogs
From the silent sky
All I see is stillness
I only hear them cry

Tantalising yellow
Of a toothless impostor gold
No risk of breakage
It's already sold


released July 5, 2012
Will Tuckwell - Production, bass, keyboards, vocals
Xavi Bowyer Hammersley - Mandolin, keyboards, vocals



all rights reserved


Will Tuckwell Bristol, UK


Based in Birmingham, UK.

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