by Will Tuckwell

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This year has been a very good year. One of the main events of this year post-summer was starting a music degree at the University of Birmingham. It was lots of fun, I've met plenty of very good and friendly musicians and all sorts of interesting ideas have been bounced about through my head.

For this year's Christmas EP, I've done three renaissance pieces played on guitars and keyboards, partly because I'm not a good player of any of the instruments they were more likely to have been played on, and partly because guitars work quite well as instruments that play contrapuntal lines - you can get lots of timbral variation between parts too. Also, it was this year when I realised just how much melodic interest there is in these pieces. It comes through on a much more subtle level than most modern music, since comparitively, there's not so much information there, but what is there has a lot of shape and depth to it, and it's really satisfying to play.

These alternate with solo guitar and bass pieces. That wonderful feeling when you learn a new skill is based on a rhythm that I saw in a Frank Zappa transcription, (by the way, Frank Zappa is fantastic, you should all go and listen to him, start with The Grand Wazoo) and after finding it initially impossible to play, had it eventually 'click' in my brain and spent the next hour being joyfully excited by it while cooking dinner.

Space is an ocean is named after the trope: tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SpaceIsAnOcean and inspired by Rob Gonzalves' picture: The Phenomenon of Floating: i.imgur.com/dS8bbTc.jpg Come to think of it, I also bought the bass I recorded this with this year, (an Ibanez EDB550) and it's gorgeous.

In summary, music is still a fresh world of joy. Have a good Christmas and new year everybody.


released December 25, 2013

Will Tuckwell - Guitars, bass and keyboards



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Will Tuckwell Bristol, UK


Based in Birmingham, UK.

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